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3 Helpful Things To Know About Alimony Payment


Alimony payment is sometimes a part of the divorce process and can be a contested part of how the financial picture evolves when couples choose to end their marriage. The information below will help you  understand what alimony is when it is applicable, and what that means moving forward.

1. Is Alimony Guaranteed?

Alimony payment is not guaranteed. The application of alimony within a divorce settlement occurs where there is a financial disparity or difference between one spouse and the other. Alimony is not a windfall given to one spouse, it is a means to bridge the financial gap so that expenses such as housing, food, and transportation can be met.

2. Is Alimony All the Same?

Alimony, which is a word you may hear during divorce, is not a one-size fits all term. In fact, there are two main versions of alimony in Oklahoma that the judge will consider while reviewing your divorce case. Those are:

  • Temporary Alimony – begins when a judge orders temporary alimony, and it generally lasts from the start of the divorce until the divorce is finalized. Once the divorce is heard and finalized the type of alimony, if any, will change. The judge may decide that no more alimony is needed or that a different type and amount of alimony is fair.
  • Spousal Support or Spousal Alimony – occurs after the divorce is finalized. It can be a lump sum of money or monthly payments. It is the ongoing financial support to one spouse and replaces temporary alimony.

3. Is Alimony Forever?

No. Though in some cases, both spouses may agree to a continuation of alimony. That scenario usually occurs when couples have been married for a significant amount of time and are older. Alimony can be short-term or long-term. Much will depend on the financial outlook of each spouse and the ability of both spouses to support themselves independently of the other.

All three of these alimony facts bring to light the need for an experienced family law lawyer. Since alimony is not a guarantee, you may need a lawyer to review your case and seek a fair settlement for you from the family court. If alimony is awarded you want to be able to understand your rights under Oklahoma family law.

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