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Oklahoma City Property Division AttorneyAt Brown & Gould, PLLC, we represent clients with property division issues in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Clients throughout Oklahoma and Texas benefit from the skilled legal advocacy we use to address every aspect of divorce, including property division.

For legal assistance while deciding property division, contact us online or by phone at 405-235-4500. 

Oklahoma City Property Division Attorneys

Often, the division of assets is a contentious and emotional ordeal for both spouses. Clients worry about the financial impact of legally dissolving a marriage. We are skilled at achieving the equitable division of property for our clients and do everything possible to ensure equality. It is our goal to make the legal process less cumbersome.

An accurate valuation of all property, including retirement accounts, serves as a guideline for the property division process. When large amounts of wealth or a business is involved, outside experts are sometimes needed to assess what assets are truly worth. We work with forensic accountants, real estate appraisers and other property experts to ensure all assets acquired during a marriage are appropriately considered. It is important to note that this assessment usually excludes the financial gain derived from an inheritance.

Both parties must be prepared to share personal documents, including tax statements, retirement account statements and other information. Additionally, credit card obligations and other debt must be evaluated. With so many variables involved, the process of property division benefits from sound legal advice offered by an established law firm. At Brown & Gould, PLLC, we stand ready to provide the legal advocacy clients need during an emotional time. We protect the best interests of our clients and strive to resolve matters in a way that benefits the entire family.

Oklahoma City Division of Marital Assets Attorneys

To discuss a property division issue with an experienced lawyer, call 405-235-4500 or send an e-mail. We are glad to schedule off-site, evening or weekend appointments for the convenience of our clients.

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