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An Overview of Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Oklahoma


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Insurance companies are just like any other business—they want to make money. Unfortunately, they sometimes use their customers to cut costs by denying claims that they should pay.

In some circumstances, denials may have some reasonable rationale behind them. In other situations, denied claims may just be an attempt to save the insurance company a few bucks because it thinks you will not challenge them.

What Is a Bad Faith Claim?

A bad faith insurance claim arises when an insurance company unreasonably denies your claim or refuses to pay you the funds that you are entitled to receive under your policy based upon some unreasonable justification. 

In every contract in Oklahoma, there is an implied duty of good faith and fair dealing. An insurance company acts in “bad faith” when it unreasonably refuses to provide you the insurance coverage you bargained for. 

Of course, an insurance company has to make more than just an honest mistake to trigger a bad faith claim. But when an insurance company withholds coverage unreasonably, then it can be held liable for “bad faith”. 

Money Damages in Bad Faith Insurance Claims

When an insurance company denies your claim or does not pay you what it should in bad faith, you can take action to recover the funds you should have received. Money damages in a bad faith claim include:

  • The money that you should have been paid under the insurance policy;
  • Emotional damages for having to fight with the insurance company;
  • Legal fees; and
  • Court costs

Bad faith insurance claims are designed to not only give you the benefits you should have received under the policy, but also punitive damages.

Getting Help with Your Bad Faith Claim

If you have made an insurance claim that was unreasonably denied, you may have a bad faith claim. Our firm can help you determine whether you have a claim and what your next steps should be. Put our experience and in-depth knowledge to work for you. Call today to schedule an appointment or to get more information.

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