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Anesthesiologist Pays $300,000 In Medical Malpractice Case


We’ve all heard odd stories from our friends or relatives related to odd medical experiments. There’s your dad who, unfortunately, told you about the “weird thing on his leg” the doctors couldn’t identify, but said not to worry about; or maybe you’ve got a brother who claims the physicians were in awe of his inability to raise his arms about his shoulders due to “something extra” in his body. Additionally, many of us have even heard stories of terrible hospital experiences usually related to rude or ineffective health care staff.

Well, one Vienna man in Reston, VA has a story to tell that’ll rival your friend’s, cousin’s neighbor who heard a story from “that crazy” guy who used to live down the street from you mom.

On June 23, 2015, The Washington Post posted an article online about a surgical patient in Reston who was going in for what seemed to be a routine colonoscopy. He had the bright idea to audibly record, using his smart phone, the after care instructions his doctor would give him after the procedure. Because he was being administered anesthesiology, he didn’t want to miss an important piece of information.

He quickly realized he got more than he bargained for as he listened to the recording on his way home.

Apparently, the unnamed plaintiff had left his phone recording application on the entirety of the operation, recording every vicious piece of commentary the surgical team had to say about and to him. According to the Washington Post’s article, the anesthesiologist told the sedated patient, “I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.” The phone also recorded someone on the team calling him gay and notating his chart with a condition that he didn’t have.

One court case later, the gentleman who’d been slandered walked away with $300,000 awarded in damages.

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