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Persistence Is Often Needed To Pursue An Insurance Claim After A Storm

In an article appearing in the Oklahoman, it was noted that Oklahomans pay some of the highest homeowners’ insurance rates in the nation. According to the NetQuote.com website, although the cost of living is relatively low throughout Oklahoma, insurance quotes are higher than the national norm when it comes to insuring residential homes. The reason for this is the high frequency of tornadoes and storms which produce high winds and hail. Our state’s propensity for strong storms makes “insuring property in the Sooner State a bit risky” and is reflected in homeowners’ insurance policies which have one of the “highest average rates in the country.”

The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner’s office advises that there are several things you can do to lower your insurance premiums. First, shop around for the company that offers the best coverage for the best price. Second, bundling your homeowners and auto policies often provides you with discounts. Third, you might be entitled to additional discounts for installing such things as hail resistant roofs, smoke alarms and security systems. Finally, you can save money on premiums by increasing your policy deductibles.

Given that our state is prone to catastrophic damage from storms, a home inventory list is vital for all Oklahoma families. InsWeb.com advises that an excellent way of making a home inventory is by taking photographs or video of your personal possessions. The inventory you document can include clothing, jewelry, furniture, personal computers and other personal property items. It is wise to keep a copy of your home inventory documentation in another location such as a bank safe deposit box or a trusted family member’s home.

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After the storm

Given that Oklahomans pay high homeowners’ insurance premiums, customers need to make sure that they receive the compensation they are entitled to following a storm which damages their homes. A Fox Business News report suggests that you should not be reluctant to ask your insurer questions as you go through the claims process. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to shy away from “confrontational situations.” While you do not need to be rude in dealing with the insurer, you have the right to ask questions. Be direct in dealing with the insurer and realize that it owes you a duty of good faith.

Some insurance companies choose to save money by making lowball settlement offers to claimants. A consumer group known as United Policyholders urges that you not be rushed into signing or agreeing to anything until you read the proverbial fine print and are satisfied with the offer the insurer has made. Do not be afraid that complaining will somehow anger the insurance company and make things worse. Sometimes, when it comes to insurance claims “the squeaky wheel gets paid.”

If your insurer says your policy does not cover certain damages, or if the monetary offer is too low, Consumer Reports advises that you ask the insurer to specifically point out the relevant policy exclusions or limitations. Be prepared to “fight for what you’re due” if you think that an insurer is not acting in good faith in handling your claim. If you believe you have been misled by the policy wording, or are getting the runaround, do not hesitate to “contact a local attorney who specializes in insurance law.”

Seek legal help

If you feel that an insurance company is attempting to force you to settle for less than you believe you are entitled to, you should call an Oklahoma attorney who has expertise in handling insurance claims. The attorneys at Brown & Gould, PLLC can help you get what you deserve. Call 405-235-4500 or contact us today.

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