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The term business litigation refers to any legal challenges business must respond to or initiates on its own.

Whether the other party is a customer, competitor, or former business partner, hiring an experienced business litigation attorney to represent your interests is crucial to the outcome of your case.

According to the United States Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, businesses spend a cumulative average of $100 billion dollars annually to settle litigation against them. The litigious nature of our society means most business owners should expect to face at least one lawsuit over the course of their careers.

Common Reasons for Business Litigation

While you could face or initiate a lawsuit for a variety of reasons, the categories listed below are among the most frequent types of business litigation.

  • Breach of contract: An accusation of breach of contract could mean that you revealed a trade secret, failed to pay for delivered goods, accepted payment for goods but didn’t deliver them, delivered poor quality goods, or one of several other scenarios. The common theme is that one party didn’t provide the other party with what he or she felt legally entitled to receive.
  • Discrimination in employment practices: Wrongful termination, failing to pay overtime wages for eligible employees, and overlooking harassment by one or more employees towards other employees are all forms of discrimination in employment practices. Employers cannot discriminate due to age, disability, gender identity, pregnancy status, race, religion, or sex. One of your employees could also sue you under whistleblower laws.
  • Intellectual property disputes: Companies trademark slogans, logos, and other images to offer unique identification to customers. Another company may accuse you of stealing its intellectual property or you may discover your own company’s protected words and images and decide to sue.
  • Premises liability: This arises when someone suffers a serious injury or dies due to an accident on your business property. Negligent security and slip and fall accidents are two of the most common forms of premises liability. If you could have prevented the injury or death and failed to do so, the customer, vendor, or other affected person could file a lawsuit against you.

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