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Divorce Statistics in Oklahoma Highlight Importance of Solid Co-Parenting Plan


While divorce has increased across the US in recent decades, Oklahoma has the dubious honor of being among the Top Three states when it comes to the highest divorce rate.

Statistics indicate that couples in the Sooner State call it quits at a rate of 13.2 percent. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is around 10.9 percent. Even more disturbing is the effect of divorce on minor children. They are more likely to experience physical and emotional health complications. These include headaches, allergies, anxiety and depression. Children of divorced parents also have difficulties with school and social skills.

However, parents going through divorce can be proactive in preventing these issues. Developing a strong, engaging co-parenting plan is the first step. Sharing in parental responsibilities reduces stress for the child and encourages effective communication skills. There is a benefit of having two active involved parents; who fully participate in the process of child-rearing, regardless of age.

George H. Brown, a child custody and visitation lawyer at Brown & Gould in Oklahoma City, OK, mentioned that a solid co-parenting plan is feasible when parents retain representation to assist with the process.

“Parents always want what’s best for the child. However, emotions can sometimes cloud key issues related to decision-making and parenting time. Many of our clients often find that they agree with the other parent. Unfortunately they are often to stubborn or unwilling to consider a different point of view. The goal is to develop a co-parenting plan that has the child’s best interests in mind – which is what Oklahoma law requires.”

Mr. Brown pointed out that co-parenting does require attention to organization, scheduling, and logistics.

“Divorcing parents need to understand how the parenting plan drives your child’s expectations and routine. Children thrive on consistency, so there may be countless factors parents don’t even realize about the arrangement.” He added that couples need to address such issues as holidays, school time off, vacations, and other inevitabilities. A primary objective should be to put all contingencies into a parenting plan that the divorce court will approve. Reducing the likelihood of parental disputes.

Overall, among the top considerations in supporting a child through divorce proceedings is to work with a skilled lawyer.

An attorney with knowledge of Oklahoma’s custody and visitation laws can help segment co-parenting matters, and keep them separate from disputes about property division, alimony, or other areas of contention. Contact us or call today at 405.235.4500, to schedule a free consultation.

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