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What To Expect In An Oklahoma Adoption


Adoption is a pretty incredible thing. While the process of adoption can bring with it great anxiety and emotion on the part of birth parents, children and adoptive parents, it is also often a story of redemption and hope. Sometimes a young mother experiencing a crisis pregnancy realizes she is unable to care for her child in the way he or she deserves and has to make the difficult decision to place her child for adoption. She may want the child very much but knows she simply cannot parent at that time in her life. While she may be grateful for the big hearts of the adoptive parents, she may also be very emotional as she transitions through the process.

Adoption often means high emotion.

Sometimes adoptive parents may be very emotional after having trouble conceiving for many years before deciding to pursue adoption. Other times, there may be drug use or physical abuse that prevents the children from staying with their birth parents. In the case that the children are old enough to perceive the adoption process, great care must be taken to protect the children and place them with parents who are prepared and can treat the situation with the utmost concern and sensitivity.

What to Expect in an Oklahoma Adoption

Whatever the emotional circumstances are surrounding your adoption situation, you need to know what to expect in the adoption process. Here are some key things to expect if you are adopting or placing a child for adoption in the state of Oklahoma:

  • Special Needs – many of the children awaiting permanent homes have special needs. If you are considering bringing these children into your home, be sure to get the education, skills training, and accommodations in your home you may need.
  • Extensive Process – The process of adoption takes time and resources. 27 hours of Pre-Service training is required and you must also undergo a home study, as well as fingerprints and background checks. If you become a Bridge Resource Parent, have an established relationship with the children or child and there is no longer a possibility of reunification with the birth parents, the adoption may be completed in less than 6 months as soon as the parental rights are terminated and every legal matter has been resolved.
  • “Red Tape” – Yes, there are hoops to jump through and extensive paperwork you must navigate in order to complete the process of adoption. There are reasons for this, though, and considering these will be your children, it is reassuring that the state of Oklahoma leaves no stone unturned to ensure children are placed in homes with parents who have their utmost health and well-being in mind.

Oklahoma Adoption Attorney

If you are considering adoption in Oklahoma or have already begun the process, make sure you have an experienced attorney on your side to walk you through the process and make sure you do everything as it should be done. The attorneys at Brown and Gould, PLLC in Oklahoma City are available to answer your questions and represent you. Contact us today.

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