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How Can My Supplemental Cancer Insurance Claim Be Denied?


Whether it’s in reference to auto making, movies or music, you’ve heard your grandparents say it a hundred times, “They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.” The same is certainly true for the healthcare industry, though many individuals would exclaim that these days are better than those of yesteryear. When it comes to health insurance, we’ve definitely seen our moments of ups and downs. One of the biggest changes in health insurance includes companies offering specialty insurance, such as Supplemental Cancer Insurance.

What is Supplemental Cancer Insurance?

In addition to their normal health care coverage, many people pay an additional amount each month for supplemental cancer insurance. It’s special insurance that covers them if they get cancer. Individuals do this because they believe their main policy will not cover costs that will accrue if they get cancer. These costs can include out-of-network treatments, home health care, and experimental treatments. It can also help cover loss of income, child care, lodgings and meals for out of state treatment, as well as deductibles and copays.

My Claim Was Denied

Many people purchase this type of supplemental insurance because cancer runs in their family, or just for peace of mind, but what happens if you’re diagnosed and your supplemental cancer insurance denies a claim you feel should be covered? You need a legal team of attorneys to put pressure on those who rightfully owe what is yours.

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