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My employer is saying I didn’t fulfill my employment contract.


Sitting across from your employer, a big desk in between the two of you can be intimidating. Telling him you are moving jobs, well that adds to the feeling. Instead of congratulations for finding a better placement, your boss shakes his head and informs you the employment contract has not been fulfilled. What do you do? What can this mean?

What is an employment Contract?

An employment contract is a document stating the terms and conditions of the relationship and expectations between and employee and employer. It may include the duration of your job, responsibility of both parties, benefits, protection of trade secrets and client lists, and more. It also states the obligation of the employer to the employee.

Reasons Employer May Say this (even if you did fulfill your employment)

  • If you are trying to leave- In the event that you have been offered a better job, or simply are not interested in further obligations to the current employers, they may try to use the contract as a scare to keep you to stay. Often an employment contract may is designed to keep the investment they have made into the employee.
  • If they cannot pay you- If there is a possibility that you did breech the contract there is also the possibility that the employer does not have to compensate completely or fully.
  • If you did not fulfill the agreement- Unfortunately, they may be stating that because it is the truth; you did not fulfill the contract. It is important to find out how or why it was not fulfilled before deciding on your next course of action.
  • If they want to terminate you- It is simpler for an employee to find an excuse in the employee contract that may look, or even is, terms for termination in order to end their relationship to you.

What should you do?

Seeking legal counsel is important due to the complexity of contracts. If your employer is using your alleged breech in the contract as a way to negatively impact you, there are many things our lawyers look at to assist in this situation. For example, the employers may have breeched their contract by treating you unfairly, such as trying to terminate the contract by saying you didn’t fulfill your side, when you in fact did. According to the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, a judge and jury are able to look at the situation and decide if, in the present situation, your employer was being fair in their dealings.

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