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Options After A DUI Conviction


If you have previous DUI conviction, you know that there are many fines and penalties imposed by the court for this infraction.  But you may not realize that a DUI conviction can affect other parts of your life as well.  A DUI conviction can impact your future employment, application for loans and credit, and your insurance coverage and payments. The attorneys at Brown & Gould, PLLC can inform explain your rights and help you manage all of the aftereffects of a DUI.

What Can a DUI Affect?

Remember a DUI conviction usually stays on your driving record for 10 years.  Some states may drop a conviction for a first-time offense more quickly once all fines are paid, jail time is completed, and other requirements are met.  The best course of action is to assume the conviction is still on your record unless it has been expunged.  It is also important to remember that a DUI conviction can affect more than your driving record.


Generally employers care about your driving record if your job will include driving, using the company car, or working with minors.  These employers may even refuse to hire you if you have a DUI conviction on your record.

Loans and Applications for Credit

A DUI does not show up directly in your credit report, but the financial consequences of a DUI conviction can be large and long-lasting.  It is unlikely that the person convicted of a DUI will be able to pay all fines and fees without using credit cards or a personal loan.  Outstanding loans or high credit card balances can drastically affect your credit score meaning it may be more difficult to obtain a new loan or apply for credit.


As a result of your DUI conviction, your insurance is likely to go up.  Additionally, more than one conviction for DUI may mean that your insurance will drop your coverage.


An expungement erases the record of your DUI.  You should consult an attorney about the amount of time that must elapse between your conviction and a petition to expunge your record in your state. Generally the shortest period of time you will have to wait is one year.  The judge will consider any subsequent criminal convictions, and how clean your driving record has been since your conviction and license reinstatement. If you continued to have trouble, your expungement may be denied.

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