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Personal Injury Guide


Personal Injury Guide

It seems our lives are filled with memories of enduring aches pains and being hurt in one way or another, and subsequently spending the remainder of our lives avoiding injury. No one wants to get hurt, but inevitably, we will be. Often, we stub our toes or slip and fall and endure injuries due to our own shortcomings. We can’t blame others when we are consumed with cell phones and other distractions or clumsiness and get hurt like people do. But what happens when our injuries are clearly the result of others accidental or even blatant negligence?

If you or someone you love has suffered pain or injury at the hands of a doctor, negligent driver or any other person, you need to contact a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. The lawyers at Brown and Gould, PLLC are here to help you with all of your needs for personal injury representation. Contact your Oklahoma City Civil Litigation and Personal Injury Attorneys today at 405.235.4500 or use our contact us online.

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injury suits are legal disputes that come up when one individual endures harm as a result of an accident or injury, and there is a strong possibility another person may have legal responsibility for that injury. Sometimes personal injury cases become formalized through the course of civil court proceedings that attempt to find other parties legally at fault with a judgement from the court or, as happens much more often, these kinds of disputes can be determined through casual settlements prior to any lawsuit being filed.

Common Personal Injury Claims

What kinds of personal injury claims are common? Personal injury law is also understood as tort law, and permits an injured person to gain compensation if another person’s negligent or intentional action led to the injury of the plaintiff. Many different situations exist, which can make way for personal injury cases, but not every single instance in which someone is hurt will lead to liability or blame of the other party. Below is a list of the most commonly filed personal injury claims:

  • Medical Malpractice – These kinds of claims occur when doctors or other medical professionals neglect to give competent and skilled care, resulting in the injury of a patient.
  • Car Accidents – In a collision between two vehicles, or a vehicle and a pedestrian, motorcycle, bicyclist or other, someone is injured because of the fault of another person.
  • Slip and Fall Cases – This is when someone is injured because he or she slipped and fell, causing injury because a negligent party caused conditions which led to the injury of the person who slipped and fell.
  • Defamation – These are situations where another person’s reputation or business is damaged because of liable or slander of another person.
  • Dog Bites – A person is injured after being bitten by another person’s dog and suffers harm as a result.
  • Assault and/or battery – Physical harm caused by one person to another with or without a weapon.

Contact an Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorney

The law firm of Brown & Gould, PLLC, provides representation for individuals with a many different issues throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Our skilled attorneys are ready to assist clients with legal disputes, particularly those involving personal injury. We are dedicated to effectively resolving the complicated legal tests of each individual case. Please call us at 405-235-4500 or complete the online form to find out more about how our qualified lawyers can assist you in resolving your situation.

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