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Sometimes A Breach Of Contract Is Just A Misunderstanding


David and Bill started an employee assessments organization back in 2012. They were passionate about helping small businesses not only find people interested in working for them, but making the right hires. With $10,000 in capital and an uber fancy office located in Bill’s garage, their dreams of owning their own business and becoming wildly successful were turning into a reality.

Making the American Dream a Reality

Their agreement had always been for Bill to handle sales and David to oversee operations. Their first few years of networking and grinding it out really paid off. Within 4 years, they had built a real, tangible business with 8 million in annual revenue, 30 direct reports and 108 clients. This “machine” was in full operation.

David’s Move

When David sat Bill down because, due to a family situation, he needed to move across the country to California, Bill didn’t blink an eye. With just a few articles of paperwork, they could agree on each individual’s responsibility and still own the company together, without living in the same place, in fact, the prospect of David moving to a larger city opened the door to more networking opportunities which possibly meant more revenue.

Fast Forward 15 Months

What seemed simple at first was becoming a nightmare for Bill. He quickly felt like he’d lost his business partner completely and traded it for double the work. Bill was having trouble connecting on the phone with David. The ball was being dropped in several places. Bill was going out of his mind, even ready to sue for breach of contract.

Contact the Offices of Brown & Gould Before You Do Anything Else

While many of us have faced the pains and woes of what seems to be a business partner not fulfilling his or her end of the deal, a lawsuit can be forever damaging to a relationship that might just be going through a misunderstanding. Let our offices help you mediate or draft a letter encouraging your partner to understand your expectations. We’ll help you and your partner reach an agreement.

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