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If you are looking for nursing care of an aging loved one, you are likely to run across the words “Nursing Home Care Act”.  You may see that facilities are licensed under the Act or that they meet all the requirements of the Act.  You may hear that you and your loved ones have rights provided by the Act.  But you still may have questions about what those words really mean.

What is the Act?

The Nursing Home Care Act is Oklahoma law providing for and regulating nursing facilities in the state of Oklahoma.  The Act was created with the aims of:

  • Protecting the health, welfare and safety of residents;
  • Assuring the accountability for reimbursed care provided in certified facilities participating in a federal or state health program as provided by or through the Oklahoma Health Care Authority; and
  • Assuring consistent application of uniform inspection protocols.

Who is Governed by the Act?

In short, the Nursing Home Care Act applies to any person wishing to “establish, operate, or maintain in this state any nursing facility.”  There are a few specific exceptions, but most facilities providing care for pay will be governed and regulated by the Act

Why does it matter?

Any person who has faced the daunting task of placing a loved one under nursing care knows that there is always some level of uncertainty about the quality and status of care received.  Although we would like to feel certain that our loved ones are receiving the best possible care at all times, we cannot always know this to be true.  The Act helps guide and regulate care by providing for licensure, inspections, and actions for correcting violations and inadequacies.

Key Provisions of the Act

  • Licensure of facilities – the Act maintains requirements and procedures for Oklahoma facilities to be become licensed care organizations.  These licenses must be acquired and maintained by application process and ongoing inspections.
  • Inspection of facilities – the Act sets out regulations for inspection of care facilities to ensure that they meet all proper building codes, fire and emergency safety regulations, and all applicable health and medical guidelines.  These inspections do not stop once the facility is licensed but continue as long as the facility stays open and continues to provide nursing care.
  • Correction of violations and inadequacies – the Act provides both for the correction of failure to pass inspection as well as failure to provide adequate care to patients.  These provisions range from small fees for minor infractions to the closing of a facility for larger abuses.

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