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What Is Litigation Avoidance And How Does It Pertain To My Case?


When one thinks of the term “Litigation Avoidance” he or she often thinks of mediation rooms, negotiations, and costly settlements to avoid a lengthy trial or lawsuit. The truth is litigation avoidance strategies are simply ways in which a business can alter or improve its practices to avoid potential conflicts with clients, customers, patients, employees, vendors, and others. Many times litigation avoidance is only thought of after a dispute arises but the best time to think about it is before costly and time consuming litigation is imminent.

Effective Litigation Avoidance Strategies

Of course no one can ensure that businesses won’t be named in a lawsuit but effective avoidance strategies can reduce that risk significantly. Some of the ways to avoid litigation involve the following

  • Reviewing contracts and recommending changes to avoid claims.
  • Training supervisors and Project Managers to avoid actions, which could result in claims.
  • Avoiding claims through regular management meetings.
  • Reviewing ongoing projects to avoid claims.
  • Advising employers on cost/benefit issues regarding litigation, mediation and settlement

If you have an effective risk management and litigation avoidance strategy you may enhance the likelihood that your company will achieve the most successful and economical result in the event that future claims or disputes cannot be avoided.

Already involved in litigation?

Sometimes recommended strategies and practices arise out of litigation in which the company already has been involved. In this case you can learn from past mistakes and create a “best practices” policy. This way you can meet with your attorneys and improve your company’s practices to avoid future disputes. Making changes to your business’s strategies and/or policies after you have found that there is room for improvement is not the same as an admission of guilt.

Litigation Avoidance Attorneys

Investing in an experienced litigation avoidance attorney can help businesses avoid costly lawsuits and win those that end up in court. Businesses should anticipate problems by developing and implementing “best practices” and operational policies that are specific to their company and services and/or products they offer.

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