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What is Question 819, And How Does It Affect Potential Recreational Cannabis Use?


Question 819 is a ballot initiative submitted in 2022 for the November 2022 state elections. Question 819 seeks to legalize the use of recreational cannabis by creating a legal framework within and expanding the current cannabis law in Oklahoma. Question 819 is a radical change from the current cannabis law in OK. Below we discuss what those proposed changes are.

The Safeguarding of Medical Marijuana

Question 819 does not touch on the rights of patients or care providers who have legal rights to use or prepare cannabis under the current laws. It will seek to improve those rights if recreational cannabis laws become voted in during the November election.

Personal Rights and Protections

The proposal sets the legal limits on the personal rights of people who grow, manicure, and create medical products including the limits on how much a person may have, grow, and produce. Further, it sets in place protection from law enforcement, employment, and businesses that would seek to punish people who use cannabis. Businesses cannot refuse to do business with, health providers cannot deny healthcare services, and law enforcement cannot use other laws to threaten or punish people who use cannabis recreationally.

Further, the article would put in place that those businesses or people who assist a cannabis business or individual will also be protected from discrimination and punishment.

The article seeks to create a healthy environment for those who use cannabis recreationally and to further protect an infrastructure that would support the cannabis industry, its production, and product creation, and extend protection to fringe businesses and individuals that would support that industry.

Testing, Work, and Healthcare

Question 819 makes it illegal for employers and healthcare providers to deny service or fire an employee because they use cannabis. It outlines the rules and regulations for employment testing and drug testing as the results pertain to THC and cannabis usage in Oklahoma.


The Article, if passed, would remove the threat of state or local agencies from revoking state-issued licenses as a form of punishment for the recreational use of cannabis. People who use cannabis would have protection from state and local offices that would seek to punish or deny them access to driver’s licenses, etc.

Question 819, if voted into law, radically changes the cannabis legal framework in Oklahoma. It is a wide-casting net that not only defines the rights of people but also of businesses that support cannabis. It also installs protections against prejudice from employers, medical providers, law enforcement, and other official agencies.

Question 819 would give employees who use cannabis the grounds to continue to be protected from employer harassment. It also seeks to retry current cannabis violation cases. If you are someone who has been in trouble at work, denied medical care, or harassed by law enforcement due to cannabis use, then a cannabis litigation attorney can help.

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