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Medication Errors Can Lead to Injuries and Medical Malpractice Claims

Posted on December 27, 2016, Medical Malpractice

Preventable medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of fatalities in the United States, according to a study by Johns Hopkins Medicine. The researchers found more than 250,000 individuals die every year due to a medical error, not a medical condition or injury. With this figure, only heart disease and cancer are more deadly […]

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Marijuana Charges in Oklahoma

Posted on November 16, 2016, Uncategorized

Last year Oklahoma joined 46 other states in legalizing some types of medical marijuana. The state now allows for the use of specific marijuana derivatives, particularly compound cannabidiol oil, to help treat children and adults who suffer from seizures. Oklahoma’s current law is limited, but it paves the way for more research and clinical trials […]

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Defending Against Assault or Domestic Violence Charges

Posted on September 17, 2016

Sometimes situations get out of hand. Arguments can lead to raised voices and unintended, empty threats. Most of the time, people’s personal disagreements end in a resolution or by someone walking away. But sometimes neighbors or witnesses misunderstand what is going on and fear for someone’s safety. People often misinterpret a situation they aren’t involved […]

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Handling a Second Oklahoma Dui

Posted on August 29, 2016, DUI Defense

Handling a DUI charge is difficult, and it can take time to fully move on from the ramifications. Just when you are starting to forget the past, you can make another mistake or be falsely accused of driving while impaired again. If it has not been more than 10 years since your first DUI, another […]

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Oklahoma Divorce Basics

Posted on August 5, 2016, Divorce

Sometimes spouses get to the point where they realize the best course of action is to part ways. It is difficult to decide to end a marriage and divide a family, but it can be the healthiest thing to do for everyone involved. Just as the decision to come to a divorce takes time, so […]

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Laundry Pods or Candy? Why Parents Need to Reconsider Their Laundry Detergent

Posted on May 18, 2016, Personal Injury

The release of the laundry ‘pod’ in 2012 was supposed to be the answer to the dreaded laundry day. Now there would be no more measuring out detergent and softener for each load; instead, it was available in light, prepackaged squares. However, these colorful pods have become a growing danger to children across the country.  […]

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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Elder abuse is a growing concern across the U.S., and the type of mistreatment the elderly receive is often financial. Caretakers, some who have been given financial responsibility for the individual and some who have not, are in a position to take advantage of their patient. Considering that many people over the age of 60 live […]

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Creating a Valid Will

Posted on April 6, 2016, Estate Planning

Many people think a will is just a will. You write down how you want your possessions and money to be passed on after you go and it should all be taken care of. However, a will is more complicated under the law. Certain elements have to be in place in order for it to be […]

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Understand The Basics of the Nursing Home Care

If you are looking for nursing care of an aging loved one, you are likely to run across the words “Nursing Home Care Act”.  You may see that facilities are licensed under the Act or that they meet all the requirements of the Act.  You may hear that you and your loved ones have rights […]

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Posted on February 24, 2016, Uncategorized

OKLAHOMA PROBATE LAW: DO I NEED A WILL? There are two primary reasons why everyone should execute a Last Will & Testament, regardless of the size of their estate or the level of their assets: (1) to ensure that their subjective intent is followed; and (2) to ensure the efficient disbursement of their assets upon […]

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